Comentarios de cultura pop y ciencia ficción. So say we all. 
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when sailor moon cosplays peach. 

ésta ciudad canibal se come mi voz y mi piel. Pronto estaré desnuda y nadaré en el smog. Me haré gris como todos los demás. Desapareceré. 

She liked romance,” says Zeb. “Knights and stuff. She had some old paperbacks; they’d been in the room when she rented it. Falling apart.”
“And you didn’t want to play the knight?”
“Not for her,” says Zeb. “For you” – he kisses the tips of her fingers – “swords at dawn, any time.

Atwood, Margaret. “MaddAddam.”



You know what you should do instead of just writing a woman who fights physically?

in an instant, i can imagine changing it all for a chance: a day at the beach, a girl like you. 


oh cosima…. 

so cute. 

so cute. 

be still, my heart. 

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